Gambling has always had a special attraction for people. People want to play games – they are obviously looking for changes and new experiences to get some excitement or a „kick“. Gambling offers can be used everywhere: For example, the waiting time for the sale of food at a snack bar via a game console or personal betting predictions from favorite football clubs are the incentives for sports betting.
Traditional casino games like roulette and card games (like blackjack and poker) are part of the „big game“ that casinos offer.

The money used for roulette is exchanged for chips. The players bet them on color (red or black) or numbers (0 to 36). The minimum bet is between 1 and 20 euros and the maximum bet is between 7,000 and 21,000 euros. It is widely believed among casino goers that certain gaming systems increase the chance of winning.

In blackjack and other card games, players compete with casinos. The results of the game can be partially influenced by your own playing skills, but your own playing skills should not be overestimated as this can lead to a large loss of money.

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